Different Sections of Computer Science and IT world.

With the title it seems this post going to be quite complex and difficult to understand its meaning. But this is not the case, this post will be explaining you guys about the different category of working sections in the computer world. Again, the entire blog is for freshers, hence I have written this post keeping those freshers or students who would like to know few terminologies about the software industry.

I will classify the basic working sections of software industry.

  1. Software Creations
  2. Website Creations
  3. Databases
  4. Networking
  5. Phone or Mobile Software
  6. Hardware Design

The above sections are the core working and job seeking sections in the software industry. There are numerous jobs under these sections but as I have mentioned this post is only for novice people, I will not make it complicated. So, beginning with Software Creations.

Software creation is nothing but writing software codes for solving any problem. In my previous posts, I have given the example of ‘Calculator’ which is very simple to term it as a software which carries out the mathematical applications. Hence, software programmers create thousands of software to help them ease their work. So in the world of computer science you could be creating software for real time applications using programming languages. To get the job as a software developer, you need to learn among these programming languages like, Java, C and C++, Ruby, ASP .Net. Some jobs which you could be heard or seen on the internet are,

  • Java Developers or Java Application Developers.
  • .Net Developer
  • Software Developer etc.,


Website Creations is also the work of a programmer. But here the programmer uses other languages which are meant only for creating websites. And these languages are called as ‘Scripting Languages’. Examples of website creation languages or scripting languages are HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), JavaScript, CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), Python, PHP, AJAX, etc. These languages are the core website creation languages or scripts which are widely use around the world. Hence to seek a job in the web development area, you need to learn few of these scripting languages. Some of the required positions in the companies can be seen with this title.

  • Web Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Web programmer
  • JavaScript Developer etc.

You need to learn HTML, CSS and other few scripting languages according to the requirement to become a web developer. You can’t survive with only one scripting language for this job.

Databases, as mentioned earlier that the databases are the form of storage to the data, then the data needs to store, process, manipulate and maintained. In order to all these tasks, Databases are also required ‘Database Developers’ who creates data and processes it according to the program and stores in it. A ‘Database Developer’ should also learn some programming for logic purpose. The main course for a database developer is ‘SQL’ which is called as ‘Structured Query Language’.

To get the job as a database developer, you must and should learn SQL along with some programming concepts.

Networking jobs are quite different. Here you need to deal with lot of hardware instead of writing software. You need to work with hardware devices like Switches, routers, NIC cards, etc. (which I will explain in other post). While working with these devices you need to learn some networking concepts which covers the networking protocols, IP addresses, transmissions, communication flow etc. Comparatively, networking job has less programming. To get the job, you need to learn about the different hardware devices which requires in connecting multiple computers for communication purpose. You don’t need to learn any specific programming language.

Phone or Mobile Software creation is the same thing a software developer do but here the programmer works for cell phones or mobiles. The programmer works in the same way as he works for creating computer software but with different programming languages which are intended only for writing mobile software. Few programming languages for mobile software are Swift, Java for Mobile Edition, Android, etc.

Hardware Design. Before working on software it is important to have hardware which is compatible with that software. Hence hardware design is that job which creates hardware for computers like hard drives, microprocessors, keyboards, motherboards, circuitry, monitors etc. To get a job in hardware design, it is recommended to learn ‘Industrial Design’ course which teaches how to design hardware effectively. In simple terms, this job deals with the raw and visible, physical parts of the computer.

Thus, the above jobs are the base classification for an IT world and I hope it would be understandable for beginners who would like to opt for IT and computer science.


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