Understanding the technologies, platforms, and programming languages.

Before giving description about the words technologies and platforms, I would like to mention few programming languages which are boom in the IT market and provides a hefty salary according to your experience. And the reason to mention them helps us to have a clear picture of these terms very easily.

There has been many programming languages invented to solve the real world applications, but some of them got fainted as other languages were invented which were more capable, robust and compatible in carrying out operations. Presently these are the programming languages which are still functioning in the market and have a high demand among the technology giants.

Java, python, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP .NET, Swift, JavaScript etc.

The above programming languages are used at different platforms and for different purposes. Let us see some words which would help in getting close to the above terms.

Technology: Study of techniques is technology. In computer or software terminology, a technology is always a new technique adapted in the working environment to solve problems. From this perspective, a technology could be a new approach to a problem, or a new programming language which could ease the writing process, or a new software which regards as a tool to accomplish task. For an instance, “touch feature” in mobiles and laptops is a new technology. Before that mobiles were only operated with the help of buttons like computers. Thus touch technology is adapted with the help of software as well as hardware.

Platform: As technology term is cleared in meaning, now platform is required to create or build a technology or a software. A platform is the base of writing a software and testing it until it is able to execute the desired problem. For example, as I have stated about few programming languages like JAVA, JavaScript, Python etc., these languages are required to have a platform so that they can execute the logic. Java runs on multiple operating systems, but C and C++ could not run on all platforms.

These are just the basic and simple meanings of these terms. As you go deeper into the computer world, there will be other terms to be understood.




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