What is Computer Science and Information Technology?

Every year there are lot of students who completes their education in the stream of computer science and information technology. It is very important to know the difference between computer science and information technology before adapting any technology or platform to have a career in it. You could find lot of examples on internet or google about these two terms. I would like to break it down and make it as simpler as possible so that it clearly shows the picture of these terms in the software industry.

Computer science students studies how a software is build up. They study the science behind creation of a software like designing, deploying, software development cycles, and testing as well. These students focuses on the problem and try to build up a software which can execute and provide the solution with basic principles. They could be called as software developers.

Information technology is on the other hand deals not only with the software creation but also with the communication which encapsulates the databases, networking protocols, software, storage, and maintenance. It means IT concentrates on the flow of information and the communication involved in various sectors of software industry.


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