What is, Who is….??

The essence of writing this post is to provide some definitions of the words which are used in computer science world. Before reading further, this post is meant to those who are quite new to computer science and information technology world. I will be keep on adding new words and definitions, but for a beginner this would be helpful.

I have previously explained the first and important terms ‘Computer Science’ engineers and ‘Information Technology’ professionals in my post. I would like to give some definitions about the exact professions like a programmer, developer etc.

Who is?

Programmer: A developer or Programmer is one and the same. Both have the same working principles and goals. A programmer writes a code to a particular problem and executes the code in order to get the solution. They use programming languages like Java, ASP .NET, Swift, C and C++ etc.

Now a programmer is a person which uses programming languages to build something. Based on the word ‘Programmer’ I would like to distinguish different programmers who carry out different tasks. A programmer could be an Application developer, Web developer, Network programmer, etc. Let us understand these words.

Web Developer: Web Developer or Web programmer is someone who creates or develops websites for a firm. When he/she is intended to create a website, he/she uses web programming languages like HTML, JAVAScript, Python, PHP, .Net etc. These languages is only intended to create websites and web applications.

Application Developer: A programmer is nothing but an application developer who creates stand along applications or software to solve the problems. Application Developer also creates application which runs on websites which are called web applications.

Network Programmer: A network programmer in simple terms is a programmer who take cares of the programming which helps in building and establishing connection between multiple devices of computers.

Cell phone programmer: A programmer who writes codes for the mobile and creates applications is called as Mobile or cell phone programmer. He/she could create games, applications, for a mobile using Mobile programming languages.

Thus, these are the types of programmers or application developers when it comes to IT industry. Anybody can apt among these fields as they all required programming skills. There are still more programming jobs but as of now, it is simple picture of what a programmer does when it comes to websites, phones, networks, and standalone software.

What is?

Operating System: Before going to the core meaning of Operating System, I would like to give the example of an OS. Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, etc. are the famous and most common operating systems which can be seen any laptop around the world. Let’s move to the core meaning of OS. An OS is a set of software which runs, guides, manages the hardware efficiently. It acts as an platform for different sets of software to run through it.

Software or Application: These two terms are same and they have the one meaning. Software is a piece of code which has logic, structure and coding. For an instance, “Calculator” is a software which can be seen in all computers created for carrying out mathematical operations. Likewise, there are millions of software whose purpose is accordingly. Some examples of software are Microsoft word, Games, Calculator, Antivirus etc.

Web Applications: Web applications are a piece of software which runs on websites between client and server to provide information and communication. Like playing online games, those games are web applications. Its a simple example for web apps.

Data: Raw facts, highlighted points, are nothing but data. A data could be collected of few papers, labels, texts, pictures etc., but are unsorted and unprocessed.

Information: Data which was unsorted, unprocessed according to the previous definition, is use to process, so that the information could be generated. ‘Information’ is simple terms is nothing but a well sorted, processed ‘data’ which is easy to understand. Example ‘list of names’ ,’book’,’files’,etc.

Database: Database in computer terminology is nothing but the storage of data. Database is a collection of enormous amount of data stored in a particular storage device. Databases are the hardware devices which stores, processes and maintains data.

Network: Connection of one or more computers through cables is called a network. A network is build so that computers can communicate with each other.

Protocols: Set of rules and regulations are called protocols. In computer terminology, protocols are defined so that the process of communication and solving takes place properly.

The above are the few words, which could be helpful for dummies to understand in simple terms. I would be adding more terms and words to this post.


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