Java and its editions.


Java is one of the most successful and powerful programming language created to write software which could run on desktop computers, mobiles, electronic appliances etc. Java is currently owned by Oracle Corporation, but before that it was under ‘Sun Microsystems’. Java is very extensive and used for numerous applications. In this post I would like to share about Java and its branches. I would not be mentioning about its history, creators, evolution etc., but will be simplifying this post so that complexity do not emerges while understand the java branches.

Java has the following editions.

Java SE (Standard Edition): Java Standard Edition is use to create desktop applications which are portable. It provides a great environment with the Java Development Kit (from Oracle) to write software codes. It has the core programming concepts through applications can be created which could help in accessing database, networking, security, and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Java EE (Enterprise Edition): Java Enterprise Edition in simple terms is the platform in which applications of high scalability, reliability are created. Like software for industrial use which are heavy in performing operations like monitoring plants, controlling of automatic machines etc., by java programs. Java EE is built on Java SE, which means it is just like an extension with more programming environment which includes, java libraries, classes etc.

Java ME (Mobile Edition): As the word mobile clearly indicates that this edition is use for creating mobile device applications. In context to mobile devices, this could be a cellphone, remotely processing devices, PDA (Programmable Device Arrays), PLA’s (Programmable Logic Arrays), (PDA’s and PLA’s are the devices use in industries to operate machines remotely) etc.

JavaFX: This edition of Java is use to create rich internet applications. Here ‘rich’ is in context with those applications who are very interactive, dynamic, informative, and good looking. In simple words, this edition is a platform for creating web applications with simple java environment but with high performance.

I hope you guys have understood this post. If you google about java editions, you will get to know about different words and terms which you may find complicated in understanding these editions and uses. Thus, I have written in simple format so that you could just understand the basic point of every edition.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this post. Thanks.



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