Some vocabulary of Computer world and definitions.


There are thousands of words and terms in computer science to understand. But as for dummies, I guess the below words are enough. It is obvious that students will get to know more about complex definitions as they study higher level courses in computer science. To be precise and simple, I have chosen only few words with their definitions.You may see these words in the other posts.

Server: A server acts as a junction to bunch of computers which are connected to it through cables. A server stores information, processes it and sends it to clients. It also accepts the information from the client. A server can be connected to thousands of computer irrespective of geographical area.

Client: A client is a computer at the other end of the server which communicates to it. A client in simple term can be taken as a user with a single computer. For an instance, a person opening a website on his computer could be called as a client and the website which is stored on the other end can be called as server.

Website: A website is a page written in HTML with other supporting languages and stored on a server. A website can be viewed from any corner of the world when it is available on the server through internet.

Internet: International Network.

LAN: Local Area Network. A LAN is connected to the Internet for accessing internet connection with the world from a computer.

WWW: World Wide Web. Any website starts with ‘www.’ which means the website is available through the entire network of computers present on the internet.

Protocols: Protocols are the set of rules written and assigned so that the flow of information takes in a fine manner. The main intent of writing protocols is that the information and content available in the computer world should not breach any government law, which includes property, privacy, etc., of any individual or an organization.

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. As you guys understood the word ‘Protocol’, HTTP are the set of rules defined to monitor the flow of the information through websites and internet. You can see any website starting with http://, for example “” which is a google mail website.

Networking: Establishing networks, maintaining, managing, cluster of computers with the help of cables across the globe or in a defined geographical area.

Algorithms: An algorithm are a set of processes or steps defined to solve any real world problem. The algorithms are one of the essential part of writing software. It gives the proper flow of approaching to the problem. In other terms algorithms eases the programming work. Complex as well as simple programs uses algorithms for effective output.

User Interface: An interface is nothing but the way an information and instructions is displayed to the users so that the user can interact with the system. A common example is the ATM machine. To operate any ATM machine, we can see that there are buttons, screens, numerical keypad, card insert slot etc. These all together comprises and forms the interface. Thus in the computers too there are interfaces through which we can operate it.

Command Base Interface: In the earlier days of computers, Operating Systems were based on commands. It means that, a user has to write a command to do a specific task. For an instance, to open a file it was something like that, ‘cd csitprofessions.txt’. Similarly to create a file, close a file, rename it, delete it, there were commands and so on. Hence, the user has to input his instructions to the computer to make it do that task.

Graphical User Interface: As the computers kept developing, the Operating Systems developed GUI’s for better interaction of the user with the system.

An example of a GUI is the windows OS interface. Here you can see that there is a specific button for every different application. Thus a user without remembering the commands can operate the computer with ease.

Guys, these are the few basic definitions and I know I have to write more about different terms. I hope you got to know in a simple manner about these terms. These terms are very common and often we see it, but are unaware about it. Please provide your query if you have any questions about this post. Thanks.


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