Data Structures and its importance.

steel frame building structure

Data Structures is an important concept in regards to storage and retrieval of data. Before giving a brief description about data structures, I would like to break it down these two words and explain them accordingly.

A data is the raw fact, abstract information, analysis, about anything. A data in terms of technology could be understood as files, images, videos, etc., which is stored on a disk in the computer.

Structure in general, defines the connection of various parts, elements, things, to form a proper abstract body with strong foundation. In computer terminology, structure could be understood as the defined procedure or format for storing files or data which is present in the computers or any other electronic device.

Now coming to data structures. Data Structures is the concept designed for the proper management, storage, process, and retrieval of the data whether the data be in a computer, network, storage systems, programs, hard drives, remote, etc. So, as the data structure can be seen in these sections of IT, it is very crucial to have in almost every unit of IT where data is stored and managed. Below are the points where it could be easy to distinguish where data structures is used.

Operating System – An OS have its own way of organizing files and managing them. An instance  of Windows OS “C: drive”, where all the OS files get stored accordingly. Deleting any of these files could lead to damage of the OS depending on the nature of file. Windows OS also has its own file storing system called NTFS, FAT32 systems which gives users an option to choose among these two.

Programming languages – Programming languages also have data structures so that the software developers could write the programs by having control over the data. For example, Arrays, list, stacks, queues, containers, tress etc., are the data structures in Java programming language.

Networking – Data structures is also used in networking for routing purposes. Routing means defining and establish connection between devices. The ‘Graph’ concept of data structures is used in networking for routing.

Databases – Data structures is also used in databases like indexes, tables, views, etc., which eases the storage, insertion, deletion, updation, etc in a proper and efficient manner.

Data structures is a huge concept and is very important in almost every place where data is mentioned. Programmers should have a deep understanding of data structures in order to write efficient codes. Without data structures a programmer could be able to solve complex problems. Along with data structure, algorithms also plays an important role in providing the procedure and approach for a problem.

These above are the examples enough for understanding the basic concept of a data structure. Hope you guys found this post meaningful. Please let me know if you have any queries. Thanks. Keep Sharing 🙂


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