What is SSD and HDD?

computer mainboard and memory slots

Information, data, reports, analysis, etc., these all things requires space to get stored in computers or electronic device. And those devices which stores information are called as Hard Disk Drives. Storage devices are of many kinds like Compact Disks, DVD’s, Universal Serial Bus, etc. But we are specifically focusing on HDD’s and later I would mention about SSD’s.

Hard disk drive’s were introduced in 1956 in International Business Machine (IBM). HDD’s have undergone many changes in terms of storage capacity in it. Initially they were introduced in less capacity compare to today’s HDD’s. The development and improvement of HDD’s have gone to a new level from few bytes to terra bytes in the present computers.

HDD’s are a sort of mechanical storage devices and they have magnetic heads in them. The drive is circular and have magnetic heads on platters. Platters are like concentric circular rings and each platter have magnetic heads on it. The arm reads and stored the data on this magnetic heads filling each platter one by one. The HDD’s are detachable and can be connected to other computer or laptop.

SSD’s (Solid State Drive) are like the upgrade version of the HDD’s in which the data is stored electronically without any mechanical movements in it. SSD’s are faster than HDD’s in reading, storing, retrieving data. The concept of SSD’s is similar to USB’s storage of data but USB’s are portable and easily could be connected to other laptops where as SSD’s are soldered on the computer’s motherboard for efficient performance.

These are the two common words and often you guys heard of it. Just to make you understand in simple way, I have written this post. One advice, when buying a laptop or computer, it is better to have SSD’s as the primary storage device for your laptops as it is much faster and efficient when compare to HDD’s. They are quite costly but a worth to buy it for the speed and good performance.

I hope guys liked this post. If you have any queries please comment below. Also, like, and share. Thanks.


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