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CSIT professions highlights on numerous jobs which are available in the software industry. This blog helps in focusing and choosing the right path by having a clear distinguish among the different sector of the Computer Science and IT industry.


About Author

I am a graduate in Information Technology, from Valparaiso University, USA. I have also studied IT in my Bachelors. This is my first blog and honestly I am an average writer and would try my best to share knowledge of computer science especially with those students who are preparing to step in the software industry.

While doing my Bachelor’s, I was very keen to understand the reason of studying subjects like software development, programming, user interface, and much more. I had no idea about the value of those courses and their importance in getting job. Like me, many students simply read and passed those subjects without knowing how these subjects could make them a proper software engineer. That’s the reason I have written this blog keeping in mind about those students who would like to understand the actual reason of studying those subjects. My effort is to make them understand the present IT market which helps them to choose a platform and get a break through in the IT jobs.

I am eventually able to set a goal for my career. I have been always confused with what to take and what not to take when it comes to different courses of IT. I am planning to study Oracle Database Administration and will set it my career goal.

If you have any queries or doubts about my posts, you could contact me through my email: khanirfan196@gmail.com.